Quill and Ink Writing Club Starts Up Again


Instagram: @quillandinkocsa

On September 28th of last year, Quill and Ink had their introductory meeting.

Natalie Ramirez, Reporter

Artists are known for using their art form to express their emotions and feelings. Writing is one such art form, yet not everyone knows how to write creatively. OCSA’s Quill and Ink club provides everyone with an opportunity to stray away from the traditional structured English class and learn about the creativity that can be woven into writing.

The club is led by Amy Calvo, Audrey Rivera, Genevieve McFadden, and Char Price, who will each focus their lessons on prose, screen writing, poetry, and play writing respectively. Their introductory meeting is Friday in Ms. Swann’s room during the second half of lunch where the leaders will show a presentation with a Q&A. Meeting times after that will vary. Despite the late start, due to the senior student obligations and preoccupations, they are eager to jump into the action.

When asked why a student would want to join the club, Audrey Rivera voiced, “Quill and Ink is, to me, a phenomenal way to get your writing some friendly critique and be in an actual workshop… if you want to improve your work you should join.” The leaders plan to work with club members in focused groups, differing from the class critiques in Creative Writing/Literature and the Arts which take on a much more “in general” attitude.

Once more club assemblies get rolling, the club leaders must establish a system to divide their lessons. Audrey pitches, “we tell the club members what we will be focusing on during the meeting, each of us preparing our own lessons, and then workshop during the next meet.”

Quill and Ink is known to host events other than workshops such as poetry picnics, spoken word nights, movie analysis nights, and art collaborations. These events are showcased on the club’s Instagram, @quillandinkocsa. Last year’s members are seen posing lightheartedly in photos and the club leaders expect this year’s attitude to be just as cheerful.