The Theatre is Open Again!


Nasari Vega

Majors joining together in the newly reopened theatre.

Evelyn Tippett, Reporter

After nearly two months of Wellness Wednesdays, and two months with concerts performed under the covered area (with the exception of the Veteran’s Day Show), the theatre is now open again! And recital is back and better than ever.

Majors have waited patiently to show off their talents and skills to their peers for quite a while. With pieces performed Dance, Creative Writing, Band, Vocal, and Orchestra majors, it was certainly blast! Although some pieces were longer than others, all the pieces that were performed had the audience speechless. We even received a sneak peek at Laferty’s Wake, a play directed by Senior Drama Major Gabe Bermudez.

Once the recital had finished, Ms. Reeves addressed the student body about the joy she had watching this month’s recital and the good behavior she witnessed. She noticed that the student body was quieter than usual during recital, and how we don’t realize how much we appreciate something until it’s taken away from us. How we missed the feeling of expressing our art, and how we shouldn’t take it for granted.

When asked about how she felt about this week’s recital went, Sabrina Glow, a 9th grade drama major, she explained how “it was very nostalgic. I was so happy to be in there again, and I got a little emotional since it had been so long. Everybody behaved really well, and it was just really surreal to be in there again.” She mentioned how she enjoyed watching all the majors represented, which comes to the fact that we would not have had that experience again without the help of the lovely construction crew who fixed our theatre.

So, a big and hearty “Thank you” from all of us in the OCSA family. It was a wait, but it was certainly worth it. We appreciate the effort you put in to make our theatre fabulous and accessible again. Thank you for letting our students showcase their art another day!