Student Band Subatomic Mom’s Holiday Performance

Subatomic+Mom+will+be+performing+on+December+15th+in+the+Expo+Hall. instagram

Subatomic Mom will be performing on December 15th in the Expo Hall.

Jocelyn Chavez Zapata, Reporter

Subatomic Mom, the band that won the talent show back in April of 2021, is back with a holiday show for us. The group will be playing in the Expo Hall on December 15th at 1:00p.m. during the second half of lunch. They will be performing 3-5 songs.

Subatomic Mom is a band started by Andrew Barra that consists of 5 high school members: Carlos Santiago on the vocals, Andrew Barra on the piano, Cristian Farmiga on the bass, Ayden Hunter on the drums, and OCSA alumni Alex Farmiga on the guitar. “Since [Alex] is not at school anymore, we are having our friend Sebastian, who also goes by Pablo, fill in for Alex on the guitar,” explained Barra about their upcoming performance.

The group has performed several times already at school, their first time being in the OCSA talent show on April 26th, 2021, which they won. From there they’ve done a few lunch time concerts where they play in the courtyard in front of the students.

“We wanted to find a way to do a¬†concert without just randomly¬†appearing in front of everyone trying
to eat their lunch, so we found a way to not “bother” anyone during our performance by using the expo hall, because we sometimes feel like that even if we aren’t, we just want to be courteous,” says Andrew Barra. “I think personally one of my favorite things about OCSA is the environment especially around holidays and events and being able to add to that with our love for music is really special to us.”

“Our set list should be about 3-4 songs; we still have a few things to work out but regardless of it will be a fun show” explained Barra encouraging people to come and attend the concert. So, make sure to spare some time on December 15th during lunch to come and see them perform!