Art Basel 2022


Steve Kehayias

Refik Anadol’s Machine Hallucinations: Coral Dreams featured in 2021’s Art Basel

Allison Walze, Reporter

In Miami, Florida, the Basel Art Fair celebrates its 20th anniversary with the fair planned to be the largest one yet. The fair will feature works of art and artists from all over the world, with many sections which include: Galleries, Nova, Positions, Survey, and Edition. Along with the sectors there is a Meridians area. Which features 289 galleries in total, the Galleries section being the largest. The fair will begin November 29th for VIP guests of the event and opens to the public December 1-3 for the public.

On the Art Basel website, the Galleries sector is where modern and contemporary art pieces from all ages are showcased. Featuring 212 galleries with art pieces of various mediums, coming from North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The Nova section is dedicated to showing off new work that in within the past three years. This sector will include 23 presentations, including photographs, sculptures, drawings, among other art forms that will be shown in this exhibit. With artworks such as, “Your Work and Its Consequences,” by Jac Leirner and Adriano Costa. Along with “The First Decade,” by Lynne Drexler.

The sector Positions has 19 separate galleries which showcase solo exhibitions made from new and emerging artists. Yahoo News says the gallery will feature, “paintings by Tonia Nneji at Rele Gallery; first-time participant Leslie Martinez’s abstract paintings bridging queerness and border politics, ” including, Ishi Glinsky’s artworks made to honor Indigenous people’s and their connection to the land.

The Survey section features artwork with historical relevance. The sector holds 17 galleries in total with all works coming from before the 2000s. The gallery features work from a Japanese artist Ei-Q, among many of the other artists like Balice Herting and Simon Lee’s gallery that is featured on the list of participants.

The last sector, Editions, shows editions, prints, and multiples. This sector has 11 showcases, with works like, “Cristea Roberts Gallery of London, San Francisco’s Crown Point Press, Carolina Nitsch Contemporary Art from New York,” as Jane Moore wrote.

The Art Basel will also feature 20 Meridians in honor of Magalí Arriola’s the third consecutive year as director of Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo in Mexico City. Meridians are massive art pieces that do not fall into the traditional art fair style.

There are also places that feature Magazines that have international art publications for people to go through. There is even an area for discussion called Conversations, on the fair’s website it states, “Conversations is a platform for the exchange of topics concerning global contemporary art scene, featuring 35 speakers across 9 panels.” It aims to bring artists and collectors together, along with directors and critics of the art world. This area is completely free for the public to come view.

A world of art is held within the fair, and with it coming to an open, it gives the opportunity for students here at OCSA to come see the wonders of visual art. Along with providing the chance for people to discuss issues and learn about what’s going on in the art world today.