Christine McVie: The Death of a Great Musician


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Christine McVie, one of the great band members of Fleetwood Mac, passed away at age 79.

Alexander Mata, Reporter

With 33 years of singing and performing, Christine McVie has passed away at 79 on November 30th, leaving many of her fans to mourn. She was one of the great Fleetwood Mac singers in Britian, entertaining all of her fans. She performed memorable songs with the band such as “Say you love me,” “Over my Head,” and “Don’t Stop.” Not only was she known to be a great singer, but also a great co-vocalist, keyboardist and songwriter.

McVie’s family had recently confirmed her death was caused by a “short-lived illness,” but it’s unclear what that illness was. Fleetwood Mac confirmed her passing to fans, leaving a heartfelt note on Twitter. “There are no words to describe our passing of Christine McVie. She was one of a kind, with immeasurable special talent. She was one of the best musicians and the greatest best friend anyone could have ever had. We are so lucky to have had a life with her and are deeply thankful for the memories we had with her. She will be missed.” The family and the group both wish that her loved ones are left with privacy during their mourning and to keep her spirit in all her fans hearts, never forgetting what she had done.

McVie had performed with Fleetwood Mac in 1970 until 1998, leaving to take a break off the stage, explaining her desire to live a “normal, domestic life with roots.” However, she had come back in 2014 to perform for another 5 years until their last tour in 2019. She was definitely a busy woman that strived to shine those many years. With all the success she has brought upon herself and her bandmates it will never be the same for them, but it’s hopeful they can all still thrive regardless if she’s gone. We offer the family and friends of Christine McVie our condolences.