2022 Scholastic Book Fair


Audrey Rivero

The OCSA Scholastic Book Fair runs from December 12th through 16th from 8:40 to 4:00 in the media center.

Jocelyn Chavez Zapata, Reporter

The Scholastics book fair has arrived at OCSA! The book fair will take place this upcoming week right before winter break in the Media Center from the 12th to the 16th of December; it will be open from 8:40am-4:00pm and during lunch. The book fair is open for all and if you can’t seem to find any time to check it out, there is an option of purchasing books and other exclusive items online at www.scholastic.com/bf/osceolacountyscharts1

“The book fair will take place generally on the tables that are in like the study area. I’ll have a lot of the merchandize setting up there,” says Mrs. Linda Ossman, the person in charge of the Media Center and the Book Fair. “I’m asking teachers to bring their classes in for like thirty minutes shopping times, at their leisure when it’s convenient for them…”

Students are allowed to pay with cash, card, and even check. There is one other way students are able to make their purchase through EWallet’s. “You can also set up what it’s called an EWallet, where parents can go into the website…teachers have copies of that…and they can set up the amount of money that they want their child to spend,” explained Mrs. Ossman.

All the money made at the book fair will help fund the Media Center and further help afford more quantities of books for the students. “Book fairs benefit your Media Center, from the pursuits from that then buy books for the Media Center. It’s a fund raiser to benefit, essentially, you guys [the students], so you can have newer books to read and more books to read,” says Mrs. Ossman.

Keeping that in mind and don’t forget to check out the book fair next week. Go buy a book to help support our Media Center, or even use this opportunity to buy a book for a friend or family member as a gift for the holiday season.