Candy Grams are Here to Spread Holiday Cheer!



Genevieve McFadden and Ollie Morales running the Candy Gram Shop.

Alyse Stevens, Reporter

The holidays are finally approaching at OCSA and all around the world. As Christmas and other holidays such as Hannukah near, small gifts are needed for family and friends. In response to this demand, Atlantis Ablaze, OCSA’s literary magazine, decided to make and sell candy grams for students to purchase.  But what are candy grams and why should you consider buying them as a holiday gift?

Candy grams are described as being hand-made candy gift bags. The difference between candy grams and regular hand-made gift bags is that with candy grams, the person purchasing can choose the candy to send or receive. Candy grams also come with a small card or message for the person it is being gifted to.  When choosing the candy for your candygram you can be presented with either small or large candies to send. For example, you may be given an option between hard candies or lollipops for the candy gram.

The candy grams will be $1 each and there isn’t a limit to how many you can purchase. You can purchase the candy grams by the stairway in front of the theater and they will be sold during both halves of lunch beginning on December 7th and ending December 12th.

“I thought it would be a good idea to get our name out and I know it is not a creative writing thing to do, but we wanted to get into the light especially after COVID,” Genevieve McFadden said, a Senior Creative Writing Major. Each candy gram promotes “physical copies of the literary magazine.”

The candy grams function through the message cards you’ll be presented with when purchasing the candy grams. “When people buy them, they will sign whoever they want to send it to. It can be a friend, family member, or teacher. You need to write down the class number of their 5th, 6th or 3rd periods, they will be delivered next week and will be sent to whoever’s name is written down.”

Purchase a candy gram to not only support the Alantise Ablaze but to also “spread peace and love during the holiday season!”