Fetch Fits: Remembering the Late Vivienne Westwood


Richard Young

Vivienne Westwood, one of fashion’s most iconic designers.

Jessica Vanderbeck, Reporter

Vivienne Westwood, one of fashion’s most iconic designers, passed away in December of 2022. Westwood was one of the driving forces in bringing modern punk and new wave fashion into the mainstream spotlight. Her work has won her numerous awards, including an Order of the British Empire (one of the highest honors in the United Kingdom) and plenty of recognition in popular culture- from the red carpet to hit shows like Sex and the City, and Nana. She left behind an incredible legacy in many ways- but what can a meager OCSA student learn from her?

Common motifs in Westwood’s garments include plaid & tartan, strong statements & silhouettes, and colorful, abstract makeup. While you’ll have to save the plaid shirts for going out on the weekends (since it’s against the school dress code), you have free reign with makeup. Instead of working exclusively with neutrals or pinks, try adding a splash of color. Instead of the everyday cat eye, attempt a more graphic, editorial look. And even if you might have some restrictions, you can still honor Westwood’s punk by pairing a shirt and tie with chokers or layered necklaces, or a dress with combat boots.

Beyond fashion, Westwood is also known for her activism regarding climate change and anti-consumerism. One of her most famous sayings is “Buy less, choose well, make it last.” In an era that thrives on ultra-fast fashion, this is crucial advice. As clothing prices stretch thinner and thinner, so do the fabrics that make them. Before you rush to buy the latest viral item, think- how long will the item last? How many outfits can you make with it? Will you wear it often, or wear it once for a picture and then never again? Having a few high-quality staples is always better than having trendy items that fall apart every few months.

Above all, Vivienne Westwood’s legacy celebrates individuality, mixing the old with the new, and making every outfit a statement. Have fun experimenting, and a belated happy new year from Fetch Fits!