Dean Vedder Enforces New Rules That Spread Controversy


Evelyn Tippett

Students being responsible and having their IDs.

Evelyn Tippett, Reporter

Recently there has been a set of new rules created by Dean Jay Vedder, which seems to have spread controversy among the student body. One of the new rules say that if a student forgets their student ID three times within the same quarter, they are assigned to after-school detention (usually on Wednesdays). If a student forgets their student ID five times within a quarter, they are punished with ISS (In-School Suspension). Many students deem this unfair, because they are prone to “forgetting” their ID.

But since the new rules have been implemented, a lot of people have been recalling their ID’s. These rules were announced last week at the grade meetings, and there are no exceptions for anyone. At the grade meetings, Mr. Vedder also addressed the student body about the dress code, tardy policy, academic intervention, and phone use at school. However, most of the student body already knew that. This is a brand-new idea, and it’s not a popular one. However, there is reason behind the rules.

Mr. Vedder’s take on the situation is that the ID’s were never a new policy, it was always a policy, it’s just that he is taking more serious measures to enforce it now.  “Students should have always had their IDs from the beginning of the year. But what was happening was a lot of students weren’t bringing them very faithfully, and I realized that by giving out temporary IDs, I was enabling people. So instead, I decided to go with a series of progressive consequences, so that people will be more likely to remember their ID.” The list of names of students forgetting their IDs has been growing smaller and smaller.

So don’t forget your student ID’s, because Mr. Vedder is writing down names, and unless you want to get afterschool detention on a Wednesday afternoon, I suggest you remember them.