Joy to the Word- The Spoken Word Event


Evelyn Tippett

Joy to the Word, a spoken word event where all writers can share the words that bring them joy.

Evelyn Tippett, Reporter

Joy to the Word is a spoken word event run and performed by writers who create and craft original pieces to perform.  Mr. Capley, this schools Creative Writing teacher, was going to host the event in the media center from 6-8:30. But due to lack of participants, the event was cancelled.

However, Mr. Capley wasn’t going to let down those who signed up. Those who put in the effort and time into their art who wanted to show off their skills performed in the media center. On January 18th, the Creative Writing Department had their select performers do a “pop-up poetry event” in which the writers found another opportunity to bring their words to life and represent the department.

This event brought in quite the crowd. Maria Rodriguez, a ninth-grade orchestra major shared her thoughts on the event, saying “It was really good. Seeing the 6th graders perform was really eye-opening, and Mr. Capley along with the crowd hyping them up was my favorite part. I’ll probably attend another event if I’m invited to it.” Which brings me to the point that Joy to the Word is for everyone. Every grade and every major is invited to it. Writers and non-writers alike.

Although I am disappointed, we didn’t get a spoken word night, I am glad the Creative Writing department got a wonderful spoken word event thanks to Mr. Capley’s creative thinking. In the end, Joy to the Word was a success, and I think this was an excellent way to have those who signed up still showcase their art for the student body.