Auditorium Carpet Change


Jocelyn Chavez Zapata

The auditorium after it’s repairs such as the carpet change.

Jocelyn Chavez Zapata, Reporter

Since the fall of Hurricane Ian to Florida back in late September, early October, the auditorium has been in several states of repairs as it has been the one building with the most damage at our school. The flooring and the carpet were the objects with the most damage, and finally it got the repairs it needed these past few weeks.

“It was mildly damaged during the hurricane; we got a little water on the carpet, nothing compared to stuff we’ve had in the past. But [the school was] able to use the hurricane to be able to fund getting all new carpet everywhere, that’s what they’ve been doing.” Says Mr. Davis, the head of the Teach department and one of the people in charge of the auditorium.

The changes started back sometime mid-December and expanded all the way to these last few weeks as we haven’t had any recitals in these past few months. “[The company] started putting the carpet down in December, unfortunately the carpet didn’t arrive till January, so basically they’re not working as great as they could but the carpet in the auditorium is now done so we can use the auditorium now and were back to that,” explained Mr. Davis.

The changes made in the auditorium is finally done, so the students will soon be going back to having recital Wednesdays.