OCSA’s Identity: Literary Magazine Submissions


Audrey Rivero

Brian Paz standing next to an Identity Flyer for Atlantis Ablaze.

Audrey Rivero, Reporter

The OCSA Atlantis Ablaze Literary Magazine’s Identity Issue submissions are coming to a close today. The Identity Issue follows one of the most important questions: “who are we?” Ultimately, the answer comes down to you, and that’s why the literary magazine exists. Designed to submit your stories and publish them, which not only looks great for college, but allows you an avenue to post your work.

“In my opinion, I feel bad for anyone who might not feel ready to voice their opinions, and that’s perfectly fine. However, I want to make sure that those people will be able to recognize that our magazine will still be there if they change their minds and submit.” said Brian Paz, editor in chief of Atlantis Ablaze.

The staff continues to urge their readers and fellow artists to submit for the magazine, for a multitude of reasons.

On the topic of not submitting, Genevieve Mcfadden, PR Editor, added “they’re missing out on their opportunity to get noticed and out there, and possibly get published.” Charlotte Price, Content Team, added “and a $20 gift card raffle!”

Submissions are still open until the end of the day! You can submit by finding a QR code posted around campus on flyers. For any questions at all, send a message to @ocsaatlantisablaze.