Goodbye Letter From the Editor

Letter from the Co-editor.

OCSA Ledger

Letter from the Co-editor.

Jose Garcia, Editor

Dear OCSA Community,

It has been a pleasure and honor serving as your editor for the 2017-2018 school year, and I cannot wait to see what my successors achieve.

When I entered journalism my freshman year, there were forty-seven students in the newsroom – how we managed to fit within the confines of Mr. Capley’s portable is still beyond me. Every pitch day, our voices, eager to report, collided as we raced to communicate with our peers, school officials, and the community. Though the pressure certainly differed as we produced quarterly, print issues then, there was always an energy in journalism class that nurtured my love for news. Today, with fifteen students on newspaper staff, I am pleased that energy still permeates portable three. The memories I have made influencing and contributing to the paper for the past four years are moments I am eternally grateful for and will always cherish.

As my time at OCSA concludes, I want to extend an immense thank you to Mr. Capley for his dedication to the paper and his unwavering commitment to art. In whatever direction new generations of OCSA might take the paper, I am confident that Mr. Capley’s tenacity will carry them to greatness. For my fifteen reporters, I thank you for sharing with me a love for news and admire your diligence. Do not forget that your voice can effect the change you seek in the world, and remember that the shortest distance between two people is a story. I am delighted you wield the power to tell those stories.

I hope those reading this letter continue to enjoy and support the OCSA Ledger, recognizing the effort put into making the paper possible, and I thank you so much for supporting the art of news.

Editor in Chief,

Jose Garcia