Two New Math Classes Come to OCSA!


Two new math classes are being offered to students next year, which opens the option for career paths for students.

Allison Walze, Reporter

The standard path of algebra I, to Geometry, to algebra II, to pre-calculus, and then to calculus has been the path many high school students take for math credits here at OCSA. Perhaps that path didn’t match with what a student wanted to pursue in the future, but next year OCSA will be offering brand new math classes, such as AP Statistics and Data and Financial Literacy Honors.

The change is due to a focus on trying to find math paths that will fit future careers that students here may pursue. The standard calculus route mainly focused on STEM related fields, such as engineering or medical related fields, but the new two math classes will open routes to more careers to study for.

One of the classes are AP statistics, which doesn’t involve a lot of calculating but is a course that teaches students how to analyze and interpret data. The class has 4 major topics it covers: exploratory analysis, planning and conducting a study, probability, and statistical inference. Careers that involve this class include business, finance, psychology, social work, criminal justice, and artistic fields.

The second class is Data and Financial Literacy honors, which mainly focuses on money and economics. This class also focuses on gaining an understanding on credit accounts, loans, and future planning for investments and retirement plans. Which mainly opens areas to finance, economical, and business careers. Though this career also will teach you important information to help learn how to make smart choices with money later in life.

The two new classes were offered to give students freedom over their education path. As Mrs. Jennifer Alexander, OCSA’s math coach as said, the new classes are about “choice, because in our history of math students haven’t been to choose what they want in their education, and I want the new math classes to focus on where the students see themselves in the future.” Next year these classes are being offered, even now students may have their schedule next year involve one of the new classes. So, if you are looking for a career outside of the typical STEM fields, these classes do offer that.