“Art Blooms Constantly”: A Visual Arts Showcase


Van Gogh Studio

‘Flowers in a Blue Vase’ by Vincent Van Gogh, a correlation to the title “Art Blooms Constantly.”

Karly Scheder, Reporter

With two art shows already this year, the spotlight can move to middle school and high school visual arts majors. This time, seniors can not present, as their show passed in February. “Art Blooms Constantly” is scheduled for March 24th, from 5:30 to 6:00.  In the past, non-majors have been able to put forward their submissions, but this show is not open to others–only visual arts majors or non-majors who are currently in a visual arts class. As usual, though, the show itself will be held in the main hall.

Unlike the previous two shows, this one has no theme, and it’s a general showcase. Visual Arts teacher Mrs. Patricia Calderon states, “I hope that they’re able to see what it’s like when they present their work, to enjoy others viewing their work.” Not only is this an opportunity for visual artists to show works they’re proud of, but also to see how others react to it. With this chance, artists can learn about their creative processes and how they work, but also how people may react to their works and if interpretations are in a range. “Sometimes it’s good for them to be able to see how others see their artwork and how they interpret it,” she continues, explaining that she wants her students to be able to get these artworks out so they can receive commentary.

Plus, another benefit is that visual artists can add shows like these to their artistic resumes, as Mrs. Calderon puts it. “I usually create a PowerPoint so they’re able to create their labels, I don’t do labels for them,” and clarifies that she wants students to have the freedom to express themselves and choose their own topic of what to create. Adding practical experience and knowledge on how the actual process works in terms of setting up the gallery, she lets students hang their own pieces and see the process of just how exactly to do it.

With tickets only being five dollars in the usual myschoolbucks.com website, it’s highly encouraged to bring both family and friends to the gallery. If you have the time and a few dollars, consider coming to support fellow artists in presenting their works. We look forward to seeing you there!