OCSA’s Prom and the Student Body.


Laurie Smith

OCSA’s Official 2023 Prom Flyer with the theme, “A Night in Europe.”

Audrey Rivero, Reporter

A Night in Europe, OCSA’s 2023 prom event, is set for April 29th, 2023, 7:00 PM, at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn; however, as with all events run by OCSA, discourse has been sparked among the student body over prom. Prom has had several changes to it from past years at OCSA, from allowing freshman and sophomore students to join to the change in venue choice, many of these changes result in two things: an increase in ticket price, most notably, and an argument among students.

“I’m all for inclusivity, but prom is supposed to be a celebration of the upperclassmen nearing the end of their journey. It’s a more mature event, and sometimes, it can be muddied with our younger peers,” remarked one senior who asked to remain nameless. The change in allowing underclassmen has been a source of controversy, particularly among the senior class. The general consensus is that it might “taint” the feeling of celebrating that grand goodbye.

In regard to ticket prices, another senior, Peter Jacobs, spoke on the matter: “I feel as though the increase on prices is closing off the opportunity for many juniors and seniors to attend. Senior year is already cost-heavy, and prom is a night to spend with friends and enjoy being an upperclassman. For me, raising the prices means a lot less people are willing and are going to spend the money.” Peter did not respond to comment if they were going to go to prom themselves.

The prom committee’s Juleidi Machuca, when asked for comments, had the following to say: “Freshman and sophomores have been able to go to prom for long before I’ve been in the prom committee. Secondly, prom ticket sales have been holding steady so far, we’re already halfway to our desired goal. Keep in mind, prom is at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn, so the price is a little bit higher than usual, but worth it. Our prom committee has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure a prom everyone will enjoy.”

Overall, although the situation has been a contemptuous issue for some, the chance for prom to be less of a success is minimal. Despite anything aforementioned, the event will still be a night to remember, the majority of students still intend to go. Don’t forget that tickets are available on MySchoolBucks.com and the prices will increase as the days go on!