France for 2025!


Evelyn Tippett

The France 2026 poster sponsored by EF Tours.

Evelyn Tippett, Reporter

After nearly three years of not traveling due to COVID-19, this is the first time since 2020 that OCSA has made a trip to fly internationally. Ms. Nilda Voit has called travel agencies, put her time into sending out emails and Remind messages to interested parents and students, and took time after school to answer any questions or concerns interested parties had.

With over fifty kids already in attendance and over ten kids on the waiting list, this trip is very popular among the students. So how does someone pay for the trip if they didn’t attend the meeting? Visit the enrollment page- When it asks you to enter your class code, enter 2636454HE.

However, before you decide to go on the trip, there are some things you might want to know. The first thing that everyone is thinking about is how much the trip is going to cost. In total, the trip is 3,909 dollars per student, and before the sighs are heard, there are plenty of things this includes. Breakfast and dinner, hotel stays, transportation, entrances to landmarks and attractions, and more!

Over the nine days on the trip, kids will be able to see sights such as Notre Dame, Versailles Palace, the Caen Memorial, Normandy, the Louvre, the Seine River, and of course, Paris!

As a traveler herself, Ms. Voit has a couple of tips she was gracious enough to share. “In terms of tips, I believe that I’m going to be a bit repetitive, to keep an open mind. To be adventurous. For example, with food, you’re not going to fly across the world to eat McDonalds.”

Although the original 48 spots are already filled, there is still time to get on the waiting list. So, if you are a student in the class of 2026 and you are interested, check it out!