The Middle School Spring Dance Recital is Here!



OCSA Auditorium where the Middle School Spring Dance will be performed.

Allison Walze, Reporter

On March 8, 2:10pm, the middle school spring dance takes stage at recital. The show features OCSA dance majors from grades 6th to 8th displaying their art under the spotlight. After rigorous practice and ambition, the show is ready to be seen by an audience.

Middle school dancers begin practice for the show during December after the Holiday Extravaganza, though learning different dance techniques and preparations already start in August.

While the choreography of the show is mainly teacher and TA made, there are some parts that are done by the students. During the show’s preparation there are some sections in the Spring dance that are open to student collaboration. In these collaborations, students can pick the style or genre and what techniques they want to use in the dance.

The dance had always been important to the middle school department, as the show itself making multiple appearances throughout many school years. Its a time for the middle school dance majors to show off their diligence on what they have been working on while also a time to have their peers to support them as they go on stage.

Through all the effort and time that goes into the dance, it’s hoped that people enjoy will the show and see the department in an even brighter light. One of the dance directors, Marina Perendy, said, “I hope that [the audience] are excited in what we are doing and are supportive of our dancers, and recognize what we do in class is all in preparation for the stage.”