Catch Up On Your Missed Summer News


Jasmeen Rivera, Reporter

2018 was the Hottest Summer to Ever be Recorded

Record-breaking heat plagued June and has been making its way through many states since. The sweltering weather has made many countries North of the equator turn up the air conditioning and reach for cold lemonade more than ever this summer. In California, it reached 111 degrees, making this July the third-hottest summer the planet has ever experienced.


Apple Could Be America’s First Trillion-dollar Company

Apple has been leading the electronics manufacturing industry for years now and its hard work has paid off, now being the first trillion-dollar company in America. In comparison to eighteen years ago, when Apple battled with bankruptcy, FBR Capital Markets analyst, Daniel Ives, says that the company’s IOS mobile operating system, or their “secret sauce”,  is to thank for its success.


Opportunities for Summer Youth Jobs Have Hit Rock Bottom

Statistics show that the unemployment rate for ages 16-24-year-olds has risen .4% in July of 2018, marking the highest summer youth unemployment rate since 1966. Economists argue that the lack of youth participating in summer jobs has a positive effect on student attendance in schools. Surprisingly, the employment rate has dropped substantially over the past 25 years even as the economy thrives. Increasing entertainment options, the opioid epidemic, and a simple discouragement have all been blamed for this long-term unemployment climb.


The Final of the 2018 World Cup

France secured the spot as World Cup Champion after beating Croatia in a 4-2 final game in the 2018 FIFA World Cup: Russia. France was congratulated by the sports community as they celebrated a hard-earned victory against Croatia. The French team also accomplished several personal goals for some of their players, the 19-year-old, Kylian Mbappe becoming the second teenager to score in a World Cup final. As the nation watched, thousands of people flood the streets of Paris to celebrate after watching their national team struggle through a rough patch over the last twenty years.