Upcoming No-Early-Release Wednesdays Due to Testing


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The testing season is vastly approaching the students of Osceola County.

Isabella Perez, Reporter

The last 9-weeks of the school year is a time of relief. Only one more quarter to go, right? However, it’s also a time for the dreaded testing season, meaning students will have to stay at school for an hour longer on testing Wednesday.

On top of extra hurricane make-up days this year, the district has decided that 5/3 and 5/10 are both regular Wednesdays rather than early release, eliciting a long, exhausted groan from students across Osceola County. Osceola County’s test schedule doesn’t include a specific test for 5/3, but it counts 5/10 as a Statewide Assessment.

Comments on this development have been almost completely negative. A few students claim that staying longer is pointless because not every grade level tests on those days, even if it is easier to dismiss everyone at the same time. Others just find it hard to make it through the school week without an early dismissal. One of OCSA’s 9th grade dance majors, Aria Metzler, took on this position when interviewed. “I don’t like them,” she said, “It’s so much easier to get through the day when my classes are only 1 hour long.” Majority of the other students, when asked casually, also felt this way.

It’s clear that staying later than usual, on top of testing, has left the student body feeling overwhelmed. Though the county seems sure on their decision with no sign of changing. So, take time to relax, study hard, and good luck this testing season!