OCSA’s Spring Dance Performance



Support OCSA’s dance department at this year’s Spring Dance

Reese Kanyuh, Reporter

Attention all OCSA dance fans: this year’s Spring Dance Concert is coming up! On behalf of our OCSA dance staff, this year’s dance is taking place on Friday the 31st at Osceola County School for the Arts, starting at 6:30. Admission for the event is $10 a person, and tickets are available on MySchoolBucks.com or through the link in the OCSA dance Instagram bio (@ocsadancedept).

Recent Ocsarts Instagram posts say “Our very own OCSA High School Dance Department will proudly present their yearly signature event: The High School Spring Dance Concert. Performances will feature our high school classes and our class of 2023 Senior’s last performance.” For many seniors this year, the Spring Dance Concert is their last performance opportunity. Ms. Marina Perendy, one of OCSA’s own dance teachers, said, “Often after high school, not everyone knows what the next chapter is. Or they might know that they’re going to college, but it might not be for dance, they may not be able to dance again after high school. They might not have any opportunities to be on a stage. It’s always a meaningful experience for all of our seniors here. It’s an encapsulation of their high school years, and experiences at OCSA.”

This year’s show is packed with performances of all types. “There are several student-choreographed dances, many solos, duos, trios, small groups, along with several dances choreographed by our dance teachers. different chorographers are inspired by different things, specific styles and techniques, strong emotions, different pieces of music, or interesting themes. Whatever moves us to create,” Perendy stated. The Spring Dance Concert is a unique event every year, and a special experience to each dancer involved.

Going to the event is a great way to support your peers and see some amazing works of art performed live. If you’re able to go, consider taking some time from your Friday night to witness the dances for yourself, and prepare to be impressed.