OCSA’s First Ever AAPI Recital


Sofia Vega

An exclusive behind-the-scenes shot of the “Attention” dance team.

Jessica Vanderbeck, Reporter

Recital is one of the most exciting and unique parts of OCSA- and there’s even more to look forward to when there’s a theme. Hispanic Heritage and Black History month recitals have been long-standing traditions, and, as of last Wednesday, Asian-American and Pacific Islander (more commonly known as AAPI) Recital has joined the lineup.

The first ever AAPI Recital has been in the works since the start of this school year, and production started roughly before spring break. “The most fun part of being involved in AAPI Recital was seeing the behind-the-scenes process, it was really interesting.” shared Genevieve McFadden, a senior Creative Writer. Plenty of love and time went into the production of the recital, and it was all worth it on the big day. There was a wide variety of performances, from soothing vocal and piano numbers to high-energy dancing. Performers came from almost every major to showcase Asian-American and Pacific Islander culture.

It’s always a treat to see students perform acts outside of their major, perfectly exemplified by Victor Aramayo. A sophomore visual arts major, he got to live the dream as part of a cover dance team closing out recital. “I definitely had a unique experience, having little to no experience dancing other than jamming on my own,” he shared. “My concentration is working with my mind and hands, not my whole body. Preparing took me a lot more work than say, an actual dance major, but that made me even more determined to do well.”

Overall, AAPI Recital was a smashing success, and there will be plenty more to come from the club in the future.