Dina Santiago, Top 10 Winner for Creative Communications Fall Anthology!


Valentina Bobe

Winner at OCSA for Creative Communications

Malina Vargas, Reporter

Freshman OCSA Creative Writer, Dina Santiago, is a Top 10 Winner for Creative Communications’ Fall 2022 Poetry Contest. She has been majoring in writing ever since entering OCSA in sixth grade and has been published numerous times over the past four years.

Creative Communications Poetry Contest allows students the opportunity to have their poetry published. The anthology has been running over 20 years and has remained a motivating force of encouragement to young writers everywhere.

Santiago’s poem, titled¬†Lessons Never Learned, was written during the Fall submission period. During an interview with her, she explained her poem explored a mother who is mourning the passing of her son, and soon and has regrets about what she could’ve done but didn’t throughout the boy’s life. When asked about what genre she usually writes, Dina said, “I don’t really know, it just comes out. “I usually enjoy writing about nature and maternal relationships.”

“Write whatever you’re most passionate about,” Santiago said when questioned about what advice she has to give others entering the contest.¬† Dina’s Top 1o Win comes with a publication, as well as payment and recognition.¬† When asked how it felt to get paid for her poetry, Dina answered, “It feel great to have a reward besides getting recognition for my work.” Her award status and her winning poem can be viewed at Creative Communications website at www.poeticpower.com.