OCSA’s Literary Magazine: Gothics & Romantics Submissions


Atlantis Ablaze

Gothics and Romantics Flyer Designed by the Atlantis Ablaze team.

Audrey Rivero , Reporter

The newest submission theme for the OCSA’s literary magazine, Atlantis Ablaze, has been opened until April 7th at 11:59 PM! The theme this time around is “Gothics and Romantics.” Limited to Creative Writing and Visual Arts majors, this issue acts as an anthology for “the most dedicated submitters to the magazine” said Michelle Paz, Assistant Editor. To explain, Atlantis Ablaze is the premiere, one and only, literary magazine at OCSA. Contrary to a newspaper, the literary magazine takes the art on campus, sorts it, and puts it into a magazine with tasteful work from all around school. As such, submissions are needed!

Artists are encouraged to submit for a multitude of reasons: first and foremost, the chance to showcase your art. Alongside that hefty benefit, it looks fantastic for college applications, and you can earn the title of “published.” Atlantis Ablaze team considers “the theme to be easy to work with, whilst still having the complexity for students to form a piece that is unique and important to them.”

“Personally, I believe Gothics and Romantics overall represents the exploration of the individual outside of conformity to societal standards. I am less concerned with people merely being emo and exaggerated, but rather, what characteristics make our lives mysterious and glorified within our personal perspective,” wrote Brian Paz, Editor in Chief, when asked about their viewpoint on the theme of the submissions.

The literary magazine spent quite a bit of time mulling over the decision, however, as stated by the team when interviewed, the decision was unanimous.

As with previous issues, the team is accepting prose, poetry, visual arts, and photography until April 7th at 11:59 PM. To submit, find one of the many posters around campus, scan the QR code, and get uploading!