House of Cereal opens in Orlando Entertainment Park


Alexander Mata

Some of many cereals you can try out at the House of Cereal.

Alexander Mata, Reporter

For those who admire the variety of cereals that you can get at any supermarket, or even those worldwide, there’s a place for that right here in Orlando. The Dezerland Action Park has recently opened the MILK House of Cereal recently, which is an all you can eat cereal bar, letting guests choose from over 100 types of cereals, even the ones that are not available on supermarket shelves anymore.

Along with a huge variety of cereals, the bar also offers plenty of toppings that you can choose from, such as M&M’s, Recess, Choclate Chips, Nutella Fudge, Marshmallow, Oreos, and others. Think of it like a Menchies, and that’s exactly how it works, just with cereal instead of ice cream.

Admission for the cereal bar is only $5 per person, and (almost like a buffet) allows guests to come back whenever they want for a second or even third bowl as long as they have yet to leave the premises. Its unlimited! The Dezerland Action Park is located just by Universal Studios and the Orlando Premium Outlets on International Drive. It’s never a bad idea to plan a day to go experience the uniqueness that is the House of Cereal.