Classified Information from the Pentagon Leaked


Fotos International/Rex Features

The Pentagon is under fire after a breach of classified data.

Isabella Perez, Reporter

Last month, about 53 of the Pentagon’s classified documents were leaked through the popular messaging app Discord, dating from February to March. These documents are said to reveal how the U.S. has spied on other countries, including those it is allied with, leaving government officials worldwide scrambling to remove every trace of them from the internet.

A lot of the material pertained specifically to the war between Russia and Ukraine and the weaknesses in Ukraine’s defense. This weakness being publicized potentially leaves Ukraine in danger, especially because one of the documents is titled, “Russia-Ukraine: Battle for the Donbas Region Likely Heading for a Stalemate Throughout 2023,” according to a CNN interview with a Five Eyes nation official, which is someone from a country that trades data with the U.S. This prediction of a stalemate can falter confidence in Ukraine, making it even harder to win a battle in which they already have a disadvantage.

Related to this faltered confidence, those allied with the U.S. who had their data leaked have grown apprehensive of their allyship, though the U.S. is jumping to reassure them. State Department Spokesperson Vedant Patel stated the U.S. is “engaging with allies and partners at high levels over this including to reassure them of our commitment to safeguarding intelligence and the fidelity of securing our partnerships.” Despite this incident, it hasn’t been reported that anyone has revoked allyship.

There’s also been a debate about the validity of these documents, where Mykhailo Podolyak, a Ukraine advisor, referred to the information as very factitious. Investigators from the U.S. Department of Defense are continuing to review the data to determine its validity. They’re also looking into who retrieved the documents, though the fast spread across multiple social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram are making a direct culprit hard to find. This has also hindered efforts to remove the material from the internet, as it’s common knowledge that once something hits the internet it will most likely never leave.

It currently hasn’t been determined whether the information poses a major threat or not. Still, nation leaders have been put on edge as they try to contain this notorious data outbreak.