The Wiz was Incredible!


Krystine Mora-Becerra

The Wiz was a huge hit with OCSA students!

Ashley M. Baez, Reporter

On April 27th and the 28th (Thursday and Friday), The Wiz, A Wizard of Oz story, performed in the Theater at 6:30pm. The Wiz was the story of a young girl named Dorothy who was transported to The Land of Oz and needs to find her way back home with the help of her friends, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Tin WoodMan, and more!  Mr. Clegg, Director of the musical, was amazed by the performance that his crew did.

“Our students did a great job. I was happy with the performances, the students as actors, singers, dancers, and the band! I was very, very happy about the performance.” Mr. Clegg stated on Friday, the 5th.

“As an audience member, the Wiz was an emotional rollercoaster,” stated Ruby Carrero-Pomales, an 11th grade Creative Writer. “From the phenomenal actors and singers to the timeless plot, I felt grateful to be able to experience such an amazing show. So many of my friends were left crying from Dorothy’s journey home, myself included.”

As you might of heard, The Wiz got delayed back in October, due to the hurricanes. “…The first show of the year [was supposed to be in] October, because of the hurricanes, it got pushed back to April, but it was supposed to happen in October or November.”

Despite all the delays, the Wiz was a hit! It was a show that students from all majors and teachers from all subjects can enjoy and love!