How to Build Your College Wardrobe


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Building your college wardrobe is hard. Here’s how to do it.

Reese Kanyuh, Reporter

For many students at OCSA this year, college is just around the corner. And going from a polo-wearing student to a “professional” young adult can be quite the challenge- where do you even start? College kids are looking to create a new wardrobe while trying to manage the balancing act of considering budget, style, efficiency, current trends, and accessibility when creating their new wardrobe. Enter a recent solution to this age-old problem: capsule wardrobes.

A capsule wardrobe is a current trend many students are following, where people simplify their wardrobes to a few key pieces that create a variety of different outfit combos. For any student (college or not), capsule wardrobes are a great way to dress on a budget. The capsule wardrobe utilizes “investment pieces,” clothes that may be more expensive, but will last longer and remain a staple in your closet for many years to come. The idea is to stick to the basics and avoid statement pieces to keep the clothes timeless. Simple colors and patterns, neutrals, and whatever easily pairs with other pieces.

Although there is an emphasis on staple pieces, those staples are completely up to the individual. Every capsule wardrobe is infused with the creator’s personal style, maintaining the style that speaks to them. Whether that’s through funky earrings, unique shoes, or a statement purse, there are plenty of ways to add fun to a capsule wardrobe. Accessories are a great way to incorporate current trends into your wardrobe in the short term, since they can be used to make completely new outfits and are generally cheaper than normal articles of clothing.

Jessica Vanderbeck, the Fetch Fits reporter of the OCSA Ledger says “Capsule wardrobes really make you think about what you’re spending your money on, so you make the better choice. This is great for students who are not only learning how to look professional, but also those learning how to budget.” In a sea of other clothing systems, the capsule wardrobe stands out as the perfect solution for students seeking to re-work their closets. So, if you’re currently trying to upgrade your wardrobe, whether that be for college or not, consider giving the capsule wardrobe a try.