The First Ever Back-to-School Backlight Bash


Jasmeen Rivera and Angeliq Rigby

The Student Government Association will host the school’s first back-to-school Blacklight Bash Friday, August 31st.  Eunice Santos, SGA President spearheaded the new event. We sat down with Eunice to get insight on the event.

  1. Who came up with the event and why did you decide to do it?

[Eunice] had come up with the event. I had originally thought of the Backlight Bash for a few reasons. This bash was thought of to really bring the student body together especially in the beginning of the school year to welcome everyone and to showcase what SGA is all about. Kids need to feel welcomed and comfortable in the place where they’ll be learning, and what better way to get students in the same place at the same time, than a dance?

2. Do you think this event will move other people to join SGA?

I certainly hope that when people see that SGA has it’s arms open, that they will join! The more the merrier

3. What should people expect at the event?

People should expect to have a good time, meet new people, make new friends, and get interested in joining SGA!

4. Do you think this event will be a success?

I truly hope it does turn out to be a success; this was created for everyone. It would be amazing if everyone attended and took part in it.

5. Where are the funds going after the event is over? Who is this event for? Is it for our school clubs, SGA, or just our student body?

The funds are going towards some projects SGA hopes to complete in the near future but people will have to stay tuned and should attend our meetings to find out more.

6. Based on the success or failure of this event, will there be any future events correlating to the same unique theme?

There may possibly be more events that have not really been seen around campus before but may not be resulting in the same theme as the dance.

7. Any other comments you would like to include in the article that we did not cover yet in this interview?

SGA is super excited to see everyone attend our meetings. The new board and I are working very hard so that SGA can have a fresh start and reconstruct it to be the amazing organization it’s meant to be.

Come to see the Backlight Bash that will take place from 5:30-9:30 P.M on August 31st! The dance will be held in the Expo Hall and participants in the event are required to dress in white or neon colors. You can buy pre-sale tickets at lunch in front of the Auditorium for $7, or you can buy a ticket at the door for $10! Pizza and other snacks will be available for purchase at the event.