School Changes


Jennifer Randall

The new school gate

Jennifer Randall, Reporter

As you may have noticed, the school has made many changes in its day-to-day procedures. The gate in the front of the school blocks off the entrance except for the cafeteria entrance, redirecting student traffic in the morning.  The student body is divided on this new entrance, many wonder if it’s necessary for the school and some argue it is a needed safety feature.

There is also a change in lunch procedures.  Students are no longer allowed to cross Orange Blossom Trail during school hours, they may only leave by vehicle.  Every student who goes off campus for lunch has to be back before the third-period bell, or their off-campus lunch pass will be suspended for the two weeks. After the second offense it will be suspended for nine weeks and the rest of the school year on the third.

Go online or to the office in order to get your pass.