Anonymous Op-Ed Causes Anger

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Jasmeen Rivera, Reporter

An anonymous, opinionated article was published by the New York Times, September 5th, 2018, about President Trump. The article was apparently written by a “senior official in the Trump administration,” but the American newspaper refuses to reveal their identity. The article speaks about the “amoral” characteristics of the president and his dealings in “treason”. It has been alleged that the confidential source is a part of a resistance within the White House. The objective of the article was to “frustrate part of his agenda and his worst inclinations,” and cause the White House to react and take action. Trump stated an issue Friday, saying that he wants Att. Gen. Jeff Sessions aboard Air Force One to have an investigation opened to uncover the identity of the writer.

The president has already sent many threats to the newspaper, but the New York Times stated that Trump’s menacing remarks are exactly the reason why they need to keep the writer’s identity hidden. Trump has argued that the article was a “disgrace” and violates “national security”. The Justice Department refuses to publicize if they plan to move forward with the President’s request or not. The presidents tweet went viral, “Does the so-called ‘Senior Administration Official’ really exist, or is it just the Failing New York Times with just another phony source? If the GUTLESS anonymous person does indeed exist, the Times, for National Security purposes, turn him/her over to the government at once!”

The anonymous article has brought about concern to Donald Trump Jr., the president’s son, saying that there are far fewer people in the White House that his father should trust. “It would be easier to get things done if you’re able to fully trust everyone around you,” he stated. Trump Jr. believes that a “low-level person” in the White House is the person to blame for disrespecting his father’s morals and intentions.