Female Oktoberfest Tourists Slammed for “Inappropriate Apparel”

Female Oktoberfest Tourists Slammed for

Missy Butts

Jay Baez, Reporter

Oktoberfest, a well known German celebration, dating back to the 1800s is known for beer, traditional Bavarian food and parades, is now being known for something completely unrelated to the week-long event, women’s clothing. The traditional Bavarian outfit known as a Dirndl is what is normally worn by women during Oktoberfest, but tourists have been wearing a “younger”, modified version to please their social media viewers.

Many original Oktoberfest goers are offended by the new Dirndls, Franz Thalhammer, a former chairman of Munich’s Georgenstoana Baierbrunn folk group, has called out tourists from Australia and Italy, claiming they are over-sexualizing the outfit. “A dirndl is something nice, it can make almost anyone pretty. But some of the dresses you see these days are crazy,” he began, “You go in a tent and it’s full of paralytic Australians and Italians and they’ve forked out €250 ($290) for a complete Bavarian outfit and think they’re Bavarians. It’s as if I’d walk around half-naked and say I’m Australian”. Clearly, these outfits are offending some Germans, Oktoberfest is apart of their culture, should it be more respected?

Many shop owners of the traditional Dirndl, claimed that women are requesting “sexier” versions of the knee-length dress. “For women, we have either knee-length or shorter than knee-length dresses. People used to have a normal size. Now, because models are wearing these costumes, the girls come to the shop and they say, ‘I want to look sexy,” 55-year-old shop owner, Ulku Stephanides said to Daily Mail, “they have their boobs out.” Many shop owners say locals still prefer to buy the traditional length Dirndl, but younger women are more concerned about how people on social media will react to the Oktoberfest outfit.

Many people have turned to social media to alleviate their anger, others praising the new and improved Dirndl.

“Bavarians would indeed tell you otherwise. It’s heritage. And there’s a discussion about the feelings of disrespect when tourist come to Oktoberfest in Hosen or Dirndl and think it’s a uniform to get shamelessly drunk in public.” – Hannes Kunstreich

“Oktoberfest women accused of wearing ‘porno dresses’.  Oh come on, look how Hollywood dresses at any award ceremony.”- Gerry Baerken