New Georgia School Policy

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Jennifer Randall, Reporter

A new school policy has been implemented in Georgia this school year. Students attending the Georgia School for Innovation and the Classics can be spanked with a wooden paddle if they misbehave, following a parent’s permission. However, if students’ parents do not give permission, that student could face up to five days of school suspension. Some parents have already agreed to allow this new policy to take place.  

When the principle, Jody Boulinue was asked if any children have faced this punishment so far, she did not comment.  According to the consent form, a school administrator would take a student behind closed doors and require them to place their hands on their knees or furniture. Then be struck on the back end with a 24-inch paddle. An adult witness is required to be present during this process. 

A school district in Texas has taken up this form of punishment as well. This form of punishment is still legal in nineteen states, Georgia included.