First Responders Die of 9/11 Related Causes


UIG via Getty Images

First Responders sorting through the wreckage during 9/11

Natali Barias, Reporter

Many FBI agents, police officers, and firefighters have all died with 9/11 related issues. Most have died of cancers linked back to the exposure of fumes, dust, and chemicals from the NYC attack site. Many first responders did not wear protective gear due to the urgency of the attack.

As of the 17th Anniversary of 9/11, fifteen  FBI agents have died of various cancers caused by their involvement in 9/11. Eighteen firefighters have died since 9/11. Three of those firefighters died within the last 6 months. At least 156 police officers died of illnesses related to the attack. According to the NYPD Chief, Terence Monahan “To this day we’re still losing officers every year from the effects of 9/11.”

Under the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund over 20,000 claimants have been awarded over 4.3 billion dollars. More than 16,000 of those claimants were first responders.