Why There is a Very Thin Line Between Art and Science


Photo credits: www.bentley.edu

Jasmeen Rivera, Reporter

As a school based around the centerfold of art and education, drawing the very thin line between the two concepts is extremely easy based on our understanding of them both. However, in the middle of the chaos, we refuse to grasp the idea that art and science are more closely related than we think.

Both art and science drive humanity into wondering about the world around us and interpreting questions that go to prove to understand. When we think about the two, you never really think about the benefits of what a combination can do for not only you but also for the people around you. Many different professions exist that wouldn’t usually intertwine the two, but are in fact very prominent in the world today.

For example, Dr.Merritt Moore is a quantum physicist and professional ballerina. The 29-year-old has been studying the area at Oxford University for ten years, while also juggling her position as a ballet dancer with a background in the English National Ballet, Boston Ballet, and Zurich Ballet. “There’s just a part of me that has to do both. I’ve tried retiring from ballet ten times.” According to BBC News, Moore started dancing at the age of thirteen and has furthered her education of physics at Harvard University, and is now working on getting her Ph.D. at Oxford.

Moore can also be seen sharing on social media her experiences working with art and science on her Instagram account @physicsonpointe. “I think it’s so important for a scientist to explore art, you have to think about the concepts differently,” Moore states to BBC News, “It forces people to use their imagination and creativity which is important for the next generation. So combining the two is not common, but I think combining the arts and science should be.” Moore still goes on to inspire the world of art and science today.

We all look to the future and hope that the world rebuilds on a new foundation to show the beauty in what could be on this new take of art based and science-based professions.