Cody Igo’s Eagle Project


Justin Banton

Eagle Scouts at the Event

Raquel Perry, Reporter

Cody Igo, a junior visual art major here at OCSA, organized a live music event at Abracadabra Ice Cream on Wednesday afternoon September 27th, 2018,  in order to help his Eagle Scout Troops achieve their community service project which is building community gardens. The evening was filled with live music, ice cream, and teddy bear stuffing as many of our OCSA students came out to support.

I recently interviewed Cody about how the idea for the event came about. He responded, “I am a Life Scout trying to reach the rank of Eagle Scout and in order to do that, I have to plan a community service project” he explained. “I am trying to raise enough funds for the residents of Good Samaritan village.” He had many ideas for the project but he believed that the best way to give back to the community was to build something where anyone could plant no matter handicaps or disabilities. Cody stated, “I want to learn how to assemble the community for good. I think the best way to do good is through others.”