Iphone Xs Charging problem

Camilo Zeballos, Reporter

In a study done by the PhoneArena they measured the amount of time it takes the new Iphones to charge fully from 0-100% and found that it takes the Iphone Xs 3 hours and 5 minutes to charge fully with the included charger in the box, and the Iphone Xs Max 3 hours and 29 minutes.

Apple has been supplying these same chargers in box for years even though their phones have been capable of fast charging for a couple years now. This frustrates many Apple costumers and according to some its one of the main reasons they switch over to cheaper and faster Android competitors such as Oneplus and Huawei. Oneplus in one of the companies that supplies the fast charger in the box, and its significantly better than Apples fast charger that you have to buy separately at about 68 dollars extra. Oneplus’ charger charges the phone to almost full in less than an hour after connecting it from 0 % and the only way to get somewhat similar results on the iPhone is by using the bigger charger included with the Ipad.

Apple defends their position of only supplying the small charger in box because they say costumers, ““actually prefer the tiny charger to larger ones, since it’s so compact and can be carried anywhere.” This to some appears to only be a cheap excuse and some people demand a change from Apple telling them that if they don’t lower their prices or do something about the chargers that their sales will go down, but others say that Apple probably won’t change, because the amount of people unsatisfied with their products is minimal and that their general target will continue to buy from them and will not affect Apple in the long run.