Dunkin’ (not) Donuts



New Dunkin’ logo

Camilo Zeballos, Reporter

After much research in re-branding, the original Dunkin’ Donuts franchise will change its name to Dunkin’. The restaurant chain hopes to appeal to new costumes and show their growing diversity in the menu.

Dunkin’ first used the shorter name in a well-known advertisement “America runs on Dunkin'” in 2006. After releasing the ad and seeing positive responses, they started to focus on the beverages and on the newer generations. Today most of Dunkin’s sales come from beverages but still continue to sell their widely-known donuts. On a yearly basis, they’re selling more than 1 billion donuts and munchkins that make them still a predominant figure in that industry.

They say that their changes come in response to all the recent competition from other companies, most notably Starbucks. They say that the name and logo change will not be the only thing they focus on improving. They will also be simplifying their menus and adding a fast online pick-up lane for costumes that are in a rush.

With these changes, the newly named Dunkin’ hopes to stay relevant in a more fast paste and simple generation.