New Facebook Video Chatting Device

Camilo Zeballos, Reporter

Recently Facebook announced they will be releasing 2 new video-chatting devices called The Portal and The Portal Plus. They will have Amazon’s Alexa incorporated in it and will have speaker and tablet capabilities. The Portal will start at $199 and The Portal Plus at $349.  Some see this as a new market and the possibility for Facebook, but others are worried that this might just be another way for hackers and Facebook to violate the rights of the users.

This is especially evident now given that an attack on September 28th left about 50 million Facebook users with their personal information released after an attack on the site.

The attack was done using the view as a feature on Facebook that allows the owner of the account to see how others can see the account. They used access token that kept people logged into the website and then by using the previously mentioned bug in the system they combined the two and were able to log onto 50,000 accounts and use them just as the owner would be able to. At the moment, Facebook does not know what the purpose of the attack was and who did it, but they said that they have taken the measures to patch the bugs and ensure that it will not happen again.

So the question stands will this help Facebook or just lead to worse security breaches and problems.