Susan Collins Swings, Seals Kavanaugh Confirmation.


Zach Gibson/Getty

Senator Susan Collins and Judge Brett Kavanaugh meeting in August.

Matty Mendez, Reporter

In a Senate floor speech, Senator Collins announced her affirmative vote for Kavanaugh’s confirmation. By voting ‘yes’. Collins ensures that Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed as a Supreme Court justice.

What swayed Collins, as she stated in her speech, was the failure of Blasey Ford’s otherwise “compelling” testimony to provide witnesses willing and able to “corroborate any of the events of that evening gathering where she said the assault occurred.”  She previously stressed the importance of hearing Ford out and has continued to empathize with Dr. Ford’s story, which is more than the majority of Senate Republicans can say for themselves.

However, she seems to have the utmost faith in Kavanaugh and his potential as a bipartisan judiciary. Collins is, miraculous as it may seem, a pro-choice Republican after all and her confidence in Kavanaugh despite his history with the Roe V. Wade case may be reassuring. Nevertheless, the decision came as a disheartening shock to many after she admitted that she believed Catherine Blasey Ford and many of the allegations against Kavanaugh.