Deadly Limo Accident

Jennifer Randall, Reporter

On October 8th, 2018, at 2:00 am. a limousine blew through a stop sign, then crashed into an unoccupied car, killing the 18 occupants inside the limo and 2 pedestrians. The passengers in the limo were on their way to the Ommegang Brewery to celebrate a birthday party, says a relative to someone who died in the crash. It was one of the deadliest automobile accidents in nine years.  

Not all the victims have been identified but all were adults. Two were newlyweds, and two others were parents of young children. The cause of the crash has not been released. So, we do not know if it was a mechanical failure or a speeding problem as of now.  

The location of the accident is a danger spot that has worried locals for a long time, according to a manager of a store that sits at the intersection where the accident occurred. It had been redone once in 2008 due to a fatal accident there. Since this reconstruction, three tractor trailers have run through the same sign the limo had. Jessica Kirby said in an email there were more accidents than she could count, and the locals have been asking for something to be done for years.  

The victim’s families are grieving for their lost loved ones in different ways but many of them are open to discussion about their family and friends’ lives.