Out of the Closet and into the World

Jennifer Randall, Reporter

For LGBTQ+ youth, coming out of the closet could be the scariest experience. Exposing the private part of yourself can be terrifying in more than one way. Many fear they will be met with anger and violence and for many, that is true. But for some, it is a freeing experience that lets them live a fuller and happier life.

For much LGBTQ+ youth, the movie Love Simon was one of the first movies to show how people who are outed or come out are treated at school or at home afterward, but it also showed the love and acceptance that many they want to receive after coming out of the closet.  

In our current society, we are farther ahead with accepting and loving LGBTQ+ youth than we have ever been; however, LGBTQ+ youth still face harsh discrimination. Even in America, there are still hate crimes and many “liberals” that are actively against LGBTQ+ youth.  

Even though hate crimes still plague America,  for every hate crime, there is a group of LGBTQ+ people who are waiting to help and/or honor the victim. An example of this would be Matthew Shepard who was killed 12 years ago today. After his death, his mother Judy Shepard and her husband led an organization meant to help gay youth called the Matthew Shepard Foundation, which is still running today.

Although President Obama was an advocate for LGBTQ+ youth, President Trump is threatening to push our progress backward; for example, reinstating bans on transgender citizens joining the military.

Hate crimes bring danger to and instill fear in LGBTQ+ youth everywhere. But if you have a group who can and will support you, coming out can be one of the most amazing experiences in the world. We should not be discouraged by Donald Trump attempting to take away our rights as human beings and believe we will have a better future if we work towards it.