30 People Injured After Floor Collapses During Condo Party



Thirty people injured after floor collapses during condo party near Clemson University.

Jasmeen Rivera, Reporter

Thirty people were injured early Sunday when the floor of a condo party near Clemson University dramatically collapsed into the basement. Many people were taken to local hospitals after the center of a condo clubhouse caved in, taking numerous individuals with it. Though several injured, Clemson City Police stated that nobody was trapped in the area and nobody had any life-threatening injuries.

The party took place when Clemson University won their homecoming football game 4-1. The video of the party trended on social media, showing a large population of the party-goers tumbling to the floor below them. People who weren’t caught in the action stared below in shock.

Larissa Stone, a Clemson sophomore, said to Independent Mail of Anderson that “everyone was jumping” and that “the beat was about to drop and literally the whole floor collapsed.” She stated, “It happened so quickly. I stood up, and everyone was trying to climb out. People are under other people. People are hurt. People are bleeding. I had blood on my sneakers. It was really bad.” Another witness to the action, Leroy Pearson, said he was helping injured people and noted that he also saw broken legs, and ankles in the process.

The clubhouse at The Woodlands, three miles from Clemson campus, was leased for private property. Tal Slann, property manager, told the press that he could not comment on whether there was a limited number of people allowed in the condo.

An email was sent out claiming that inspections of the clubhouse will be made “as soon as possible” to make it safe for all residents.