‘X’ marks the person

Jennifer Randall, Reporter

NYC has decided on allowing adults who do not identify as male or female to change the sex on their birth certificate. This is also available to parents of newborns. 

These nonbinary people are no longer forced to get a doctor’s note in order to change it. As their identities will no longer be treated as a medical issue. This is also to allow parents to be able to give their child the option to choose their own gender at a later date.  

The person who advocated for this is a transgender woman named Carrie Davis. She has been an advocate for all LGBTQ+ people and has been working to help many of those who have been oppressed or harmed because of their identities.   

The new bill will be passed January first and will eliminate the need for doctors’ notes. Corey Johnson said, “This is about making it easier for people to be who they truly are and letting them know that New York City understands them and has their backs,” NBC reported.