Mystery Person Wins Mega Millions

Natali Barias, Reporter

On any given day, thousands of people all over the United States will travel to their local convenience stores or grocery shops to buy a lottery ticket with the hopes of winning big. On October 24, 2018, in the beautiful state of South Carolina, a mystery person won over 1.5 billion dollars in the Mega Millions Jackpot.

The winning lotto numbers were 5, 28, 62, 65, and 70 with the Mega Ball number being 5. Lottery officials spoke a lot about the prize potentially being $1.6 billion, but the finalized amount was $1.537 billion dollars. The downgrade of the amount was based on historical patterns of previous jackpots. This prize is the second largest lottery jackpot ever offered in history.

The question that many are asking, however, is who won the prize? In the state of South Carolina, it is not mandatory for winners to reveal their identity. Officials are also not releasing the name of the store that sold the ticket nor the county or city of where the ticket originated. The winner of the jackpot has the opportunity to either receive a one-time payout or receive an estimated $878 million yearly over the course of 30 years. Who knew that spending a measly two dollars could change someone’s life forever?