Abortion Pills Now Available by Mail


Charles McQuillan

Abortion Pills are made available by the group Aid Access.

Brendan Guilen, Reporter

Europe-based organization Aid Access has been, as of October 18, 2018, facilitating abortion products via mail to women less than nine weeks pregnant.

The organization seeks to allow women to abort within their own homes through the telemedicine process. In order to become a possible recipient, one must complete the consultation and if they are applicable, the Aid Access founder writes a prescription for the pills used to terminate pregnancies: mifepristone and misoprostol. The prescriptions are sent to pharmacies in India which then ship the pills to the United States.

While there are other methods to purchase abortion pills, the process made by Aid Access costs $95 and supplies financial assistance. The founder, Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, has stated the purpose of Aid Access is “not intended to replace existing services” but “to serve women who don’t have access.”

The US Food and Drug Administration warns against the purchase of drugs online due to the process bypassing distribution regulations in place. In response to this, Dr. Gomperts has stated: “Everything I do is according to the law.”