Peter Hoey

Natali Barias, Reporter

Registering to vote has just gotten 10 times easier in the United States. The world famous Snapchat app has just aided in registering over 418,000 Americans to vote from the comfort of your own devices.

In a recent two week period, Snapchat partnered with a non-partisan voting group named Democracy Works. Snapchat provided users with a link to take them to an app named TurboVote, which would allow them to register. In states that accepted online registration, voters were able to complete their voter registrations through the app. For the states that did not accept online registrations, the app gave voters the option to have the registrations mailed to them. Snapchat also sent out video messages encouraging people to vote.

The use of this app has helped to attract younger voters. Over 57% of the people that registered were between the ages of 18 and 24. Other social media outlets like Google, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have followed in Snapchat’s footsteps by also providing a link to TurboVote. The use of these apps for voting has really been a battleground for the state of Florida, Georgia, and Texas. In Florida 29,148 voters registered, 17,994 in Ohio, and 22,649 voters in Georgia.