New York Times Reaches 4 Million Subscribers

Natali Barias, Reporter

The New York Times, a world-renowned newspaper, has just reached 4 million subscribers. The company announced the exciting news on Thursday, November 1, 2018.

Of the now 4 million subscribers 3 million of those only receive the digital version. In the company’s most recent quarter the company added 203,000 net digital subscriptions. The profit of this period rose to $41. 4 million compared to a $31.8 million received the same time last year. Online advertising increased 17% to $57.8 billion dollars. All in all the revenue has increased by 8% to a $417 million dollars.

There were quite a few factors when regarding what caused the increase in subscribers and revenue. The paper saw a rapid increase a few years back, known as the “Trump Bump.” Due to the curiosity and interest in the Trump administration, the paper had received an influx of subscribers. Another factor has been the features offered by the paper. Many of the subscribers to the paper signed up for digital news products, the cooking features, and crosswords features. An alternate increase in revenue has been a result of the company leasing 4 floors of their headquarters building after a major renovation.