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Gustavo Lima / Câmara dos Deput

14/10/2014 Grande Expediente – Dep. Jair Bolsonaro (PP-RJ)

Jennifer Randall, Reporter

The new president of Brazil has been elected. His name is Jair Bolsonaro. He has had a history similar to Trump in terms of racist, sexist, and homophobic comments. As well as some terrifying comments regarding war and the country’s regime.  

Last Sunday, the new president won by a wide margin. The people have compared him to Donald Trump due to his actions since this Sunday and actions before he became president. The white house was dismissive when asked about these comparisons. Sarah Huckabee stated, “There’s only one Donald Trump in my opinion.” though these comparisons are viable, many fear that he may be a more sinister figure than out American president. 

He said before he was elected that if he won, he would “Start a dictatorship right away.” He has surrounded himself with former military officers as his cabinet. People who think as terrifyingly as him. 

He plans to plunder the Amazon, which could be bad for everyone as it has many things we need in this world, and could be a turning point for climate change. A ninth grade Brazilian student at OCSA, Bernardo Balleste, commented on the matter saying, “On one side, its good because the government was corrupted, but on the other, he does not have the potential to lead the country.”  

Though the new regime could be bad, Bernardo said that the people should, “Not settle for the worst and keep on fighting for what you believe.”