Netflix “Friends” Will Keep Streaming Throughout 2019

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Jasmeen Rivera, Reporter

Netflix announced Tuesday night that they will resume streaming hit-comedy show, “Friends”, throughout 2019. The media-service provider received extreme, negative feedback from the shows fan base when they stated that the show would be removed from the platform at the beginning of the new year. Over the weekend, fans took to Twitter as an outcry to save the Warner Bros. comedy. Later that day, Netflix posted to social media a screenshot of the show with the following message: “The Holiday Armadillo has granted your wish: “Friends” will still be there for you in the US throughout 2019.”

Many objections to the removal could be seen throughout multiple platforms, especially Twitter. This includes a tweet from one user stating, “Wasn’t sure what I wanted to start watching on Netflix next and then saw that Friends is leaving on January 1st. So, guess I’ll be binging 10 seasons of Friends this month.” Another user took to Twitter on the same circumstance, “Can’t sleep so was trying to enjoy some Friends.. then Netflix gives me the notification that friends is LEAVING NETFLIX ON JANUARY 1st. My day is ruined at only 7:30 am.. and also my 2019.”

Netlfix will be paying around $100 million dollars in order to keep the comedy alive; however, this is $30 million a year more than what the provider previously paid in the past. Many wonder if the amount of spending on one show is worth the damage in billing. Nevertheless, Netflix confirms that “Friends” will be there for your binge-watching needs throughout the new year.